About the author, Tome Lin Lou Hsienhua

Tome Hsienhua Lin Lou (Lou Hsienhua)

Writer, Cultural Critic, and Photographer

Photography by Lou Hsienhua (a.k.a. Tome Lou Lin)

ABOUT Tome Hsienhua Lou (Tome Loulin)

Tome Hsienhua Lin Lou, often known more conventionally in his writings as Tome Loulin or Lou Hsienhua, is a master program student of translation and literary studies. He writes about topics that attract his attention and interests and founded the website: Philosophical imagination of aesthetics and arts (zhexuezhe.com), aiming to explore and investigate the links between our ever changing reality and metaphysical transcendence.

His interests in and focus on social issues that matter to those whose cultural and social invisibility has long been unexaimed and unaddressed lead him to start mixing philosophical understanding with his own cultural writing. His is a form of writing appearing both personal and insightful.

Master Program

Department of English
English Translation and Literature
Wuhan, Hubei

Field of Academic Interests
Postmodernism, Critical thoeries, Walter Benjamin, Postcolonialism, Aesthetic theory.

Places and mail

He currently lives in Hubei’s Qianjiang city and occasionally stays in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, also in Hubei.

He can be reached at: letter@loulin.org


Summertime, nonfiction
July, 2021

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